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Watch out for Triangle member-made music from. . .

MNDR, Total Overcomers Anonymous, the Soft Shells, Jealousy, Wave and Particle, Lemon Pretend, Spaceburn, and others.

Our third record, That Was The Wave That Was, is in the can and will be released before the sun goes supernova.

I'm sure you all know by now about the synthpop greatness that is MNDR. If not, look here:

Brian has a new EP, Thin Client, under the name Total Overcomers Anonymous, on Crooked Spine Records, outta NYC. Here is one place to find it:

T.O.A. Thin Client

Canada's Pertin_nce have released an EP of Brian's music called "Spectral Capital" on the Various And Uneasy series. It contains some synth-focused work from 2008. Download it here:

Spectral Capital vau002

MNDR recently released the tracks Fade To Black and C.L.U.B. via iTunes, and Brian recorded Bulbs' debut CD Light Ships, released by Freedom To Spend in 2008.

The Onion Twin Cities named our debut album * one of 2001's best local records :

The Onion Twin Cities - The decade in local music 2001


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